Office Cleaning

slide101.jpgThe state of your offices is a reflection of your company’s status. The last thing you’d want is for your employees to work in a dusty, unclean environment, which will definitely affect their productivity. Not to mention the impression you would make on your clients.

Here at Foster Janitorial Cleaning Services, we make sure that’s never going to happen. Instead, your offices will be always kept tidy and fresh, thanks to our dedicated personnel and more than 10 years of experience in providing the finest Kelowna office cleaning services, at a more than reasonable price.

Our main goal is to provide your staff and clients with a clean and healthy work environment. By using industry proven methods and equipment, we make sure the Kelowna office cleaning is done flawlessly from top to bottom. That means your lobby, conference rooms, reception and any other area you indicate are going to look immaculate and bright, no matter the circumstances.  Our services can be contracted on a daily basis, weekly, monthly or any time you want us to act.

During peak business hours, here’s what we can do for you:

  • We’ll keep the common areas and lobby free of litter, and periodically empty the recycle bins;
  • Windows and glass doors will stay spotless;
  • The washrooms are kept fully stocked and fresh, as well as disinfected;
  • If you have a kitchen or a cafeteria, we’ll clean and tidy it up after lunch hours;
  • In case of spills or other cleaning emergencies, we’ll respond immediately.

Outside of business hours or during the holidays, when we won’t bother anyone, we can:

  • Clean the carpets;
  • Clean the vents;
  • Wash the walls;
  • Thoroughly clean the washrooms and kitchen;
  • Clean the IT equipment and telephones;

As experienced and reputable providers of Kelowna office cleaning services, we know how important your company’s privacy is. For this reason, we make sure all boundaries are respected, when doing our cleaning. We’ll never enter a restricted area, unless instructed otherwise.

You can rely on Foster Janitorial Cleaning Services to make your office sparkle. For more details, contact us today.